AdWords Tips – Checklist For Managing Your PPC Campaigns

Set & forget is a big myth in pay per click marketing! You must take some time to manage your Google AdWords campaigns even after it is profitable. Here is a quick checklist to show you how to manage your pay per click campaigns.

Keep Your Ads

Always rotate at least 2 different ads. Every time you find a winner, delete the loser then write another ad to try to beat the current winner. In the direct marketing world, the winning ad is also known as the control. Never stop doing this & you will improve your response rates bit by bit over time.

Test Your Landing Pages

This could be the holy grail of super high conversion rates! Always test your landing pages, test your headlines, your call to action & more. Do test Your Offers as well, you can rotate a few offers to see which one makes you the most money. Testing can be done easily with Google website optimizer.

Keyword Management

Look at each individual keyword as a separate traffic source. Remove the poor converting keywords, those keywords that make you lose money. You can also use these losing keywords as your negative keywords.

Bid Management

When you find keywords which are breaking even or losing a little, you just need to lower your bid prices & you will do just fine. On the other hand, always raise the bid prices of profitable keywords so that you can put more money into your pocket.
Growing Your Campaigns