Are you having a hard time with your business lead generation campaign in Malaysia? You might want to take a closer look at the way you handle generating sales leads. There are a lot of areas where you can improve your operations. Among these is the choice of communication medium to use. Despite what pundits may say, b2b telemarketing appears to be the top choice.

This is because nothing beats the efficiency and reach that a simple telephone call can make. You can get B2B leads faster in this manner. All that remains is ensuring that the telemarketers you hired can do their job properly. This includes call handling, which raises the question of how you can make it better.

1. Make the goals clear – when we are dealing with business prospects during the lead generation campaign, we need to be clear on what needs to be done and how it should be done. Communicate your vision to your appointment setting staff, and they will take care of the rest.

2. Promote self-service options – no, this is not a disservice for prospects. Remember, there are a lot of people you have to call, not to mention some who might call back. Offering another option where prospects and customers can get business information can make things easier for everyone. It can be through call backs, emails, or a visit to your company website.

3. Focus short and clear messages – if you want to be more effective in your telemarketing campaign, you need to send your message in the clearest and shortest manner. Your prospects do not have the luxury of time, so you should keep that in mind.

4. Manage peak periods – this is especially true if you have provided a callback option to prospects. Know what time a huge number of calls come in, and make sure that you have enough people to staff the phones. You do not want to lose potential B2B leads because you missed it.

5. Perform independent audits – you may have your own metrics about calls, but nothing beats an actual appraisal by a third-party auditor. Try getting the services of one at least once a year so that you can gauge just how effective your campaign is.

6. Prioritize urgent calls – take note that you are the one asking a favor from business: you want them to buy from you. Placing them on hold or delaying dealing with them is not only bad tactic; it is also a negative signal to prospects.

7. Use real-time statistics – you need to know what is going on immediately, and you cannot afford missing the latest details. Setting up a real-time statistics system will not just tell how the campaign is doing, it can also tell you where you need to improve on. You can be sure that there are lots more to add to this list, but in terms of maximizing your telemarketing campaign in Malaysia, then these are a good start